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How Should the Maritime Jurisdictions of Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Be Defined Within the Framework of a Two-State Solution in Cyprus?

Munevver Fatima Ozyurt  The Eastern Mediterranean, which has been one of the most fertile lands since the early years of human history, has always held significant geostrategic importance. In order to understand the roots of the problems in the region, it is first necessary to identify the geographical scope of…
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Conflict And Humanitarian Crisis in Nigeria

With over 200 million people and a large economy, Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa. Despite its positive image on the African continent, there are crises and social fault lines within the country. A 100-year colonial history and the colonial institutions built during this period constitute the…
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Human Situation In Chad

Chad continues to experience a prolonged humanitarian crisis with nearly a third of the population in need of humanitarian aid. Armed conflict, displacement, food insecurity and health emergencies remain the main drivers of human needs. Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Sudan on April 15, 2023, the humanitarian situation…
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The Humanitarian Crisis İn Somalia

The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains extremely worrying. Somalia managed to return from the brink of famine in late 2022 and early 2023, while nearly four million people are still in short supply of food and in need of help. The loss of life due to the combination of heavy…
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Recent Developments in Russia

March has been quite eventful for Russia. A series of significant events have taken place both domestically and internationally, including ongoing tensions in international relations, the situation in Ukraine, terrorist attacks, and elections. These events have had profound effects on Russia’s domestic and foreign policies. While Russia continued its “cases”…
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What is China’s role in the Russo-Ukraine War?

  Before delving into China’s role in the Russo-Ukraine war, let’s first discuss the US intelligence community’s annual threat assessment report, released on February 6. The report suggests that major challenges will arise from Russia, China, Ukraine, and the West. The Russo-Ukraine war has ignited global concerns, with the International…
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